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  • Solenoid Valve

    Click to enlarge V series solenoid valve can be directly mounted on many pneumatic actuators according to the erection requirement of NAMUR in a simple way. 1/8”, 1/4” and 1/2” air connectors are available for option. Single and double electric control can meet different practical applications. It has advantages of accurate airflow conversion, rapid and reliable action, fault-free operation for long term etc.

    Click to enlarge ALV210 series direct-acting solenoid valve can be used for controlling singe-acting pneumatic actuator. As a 3/2 NC solenoid valve, it has 1/4" and 3/8" connectors for option. The threaded nipple of solenoid valve can be directly connected with pneumatic actuator without need of bracket, so the mounting is very simple.

    Click to enlarge ALV510 series solenoid valve adopts fixed O- ring hermetic sealing technology. With self-cleaning function, it can discharge the impurities, oil stain and dust etc. in air supply out of the body. The surface of valve body is free of any breathing holes. It can effectively prevent the external liquid, dust, impurity and other foreign matters from entering the inside of valve body and has greatly extended the service life of the product to the utmost extent.

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    ALV510F3C4/C5 series explosion-proof solenoid valve has provided reliable product guarantee for highly risky, inflammable and explosive industrial environment of high risk. It can be adapted for 3/2 NC or 5/2 functions for controlling double-acting and single-acting NAMUR pneumatic actuators. The product has passed ATEX certification of DNV and ExdllCT6 certification of NEPSI.Certificate No.: GYB11.1945X

    Click to enlarge ALV610 series stainless steel solenoid valve is high performance solenoid valve used under severe environment. The product adopts carriage design structure, which has improved the defect of direct external respiration of ordinary solenoid valve body, effectively prevented external foreign matters from entering the valve body and extended the product’s service life significantly.

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    ALV610F3C4 series(SS316) explosion-proof high-grade solenoid is a kind of high performance solenoid valve designed for offshore platform, oil and natural gas platform, pharmacy, food and other hazardous industrial environment with high corrosion-resistant requirement. Explosion-proof: Exd II CT6 Certificate No.: GYB11.1945X

    Click to enlarge ASC series speed-regulating valve adopts advanced throttling technology, which is especially used for controlling the opening and closing speed of pneumatic actuator. It is convenient for mounting, Namur and In-Line for option. While solenoid valve and positioner are used, it is directly mounted on pneumatic actuator and can be safely used under equipment vibration and hazardous environment. 

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