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  • Mechanical Electric-Pneumatic Positioner

    Click to enlarge ALP-1200 pneumatic-pneumatic positioner consists of rotary travel and linear travel. It is a device to receive 3~15psi air pressure signal from pneumatic controller or control system and control valve position or operate linear travel adjustable type valve’s valve position by operating rotary travel pneumatic actuator. It is designed to adopt the plate structure and part standardized plug-in technology and features reliable operation, high control precision, easy adjustment.

    Ordering Guide

    Main Features:

    1.Performing 1/2 Split Control without any other substitutes.
    2.Easy to adjust zero and span.
    3.Easy to convert from Reverse Acting to Direct Acting or vice versa, and from Spring Return to Double Acting or vice versa.
    4.Easy Feedback Connection and meeting the standard of ISO5211 or Namur.
    5.Low air consumption.





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