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  • Mechanical Electric-Pneumatic Positioner

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    ALP-1000+ series electric-pneumatic positioner combines rotary travel positioner and limit switch box and can control the valve position while achieving output of switch analog signal and 4~20mA valve position feedback. It complies with Exd II BT6 explosion-proof and is more applicable for complicated environment and inflammable and explosive environment,simple for commissioning.Certified code: GYB081071 GYB081070

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    Main Features:

    1. There is no resonance to the operation of positioner in the range of 5-200Hz.
    2.Performing 1/2 Split Control without any other substitutes.
    3.Easy to adjust zero and span.
    4.Easy to convert from Reverse Acting to Direct Acting or vice versa, and from Spring Return to Double Acting or vice versa.
    5.Easy Feedback Connection and meeting the standard of ISO5211 or Namur.
    6.Fast and accurate response.



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