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  • Top Valve Controller

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    ALSD-500 series explosion-proof top valve controller provides a relatively economic product for integration of general explosion-proof limit switch box and solenoid valve. The product is concise and smart, with explosion-proof grade up to Exd II BT6. It has realized integral low-cost explosion proof of solenoid valve coil and limit switch box.

    Explosion-proof grade: Exd II BT6    Certificate No.: GYB111757

    Ordering Guide

    ALSD  500 C1 S3 M2
    Series   Model C1:Standard coil S3:3/2,NC M2:2SPDT
     Exd IIBT6 C2:Low watt coil S5:5/2 M3:3SPDT
    C3:Intrinsic safe coil M4:4SPDT
          (ExiaⅡ Ct6)
    PA:Inductive switches(2or3)
    QA:Magnet switches(2or3)
    F:Internal feedback(4-20mA)


    Note:More functions are available for ALSD-300/400/500


    Note: Contcet us for more details of technologue.

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