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  • Top Valve Controller

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    The bus module provides reverse position signal and communicates with AS-i and DeviceNetTM system.It is a dual inductive sensor and can drive coil for detecting and controlling the valve position.When it detects the valve open/close position, it can connect to the system rapidly for monitoring the open circuit and short circuit of coil. The indicating lamp will display switch current state,coil state and fault indication. 

    Main features of ALPA-ACHEM Valve Net System:

    APHE-ACHEM valve net system introduction:

    Valve net system is computer monitoring and controlling system based on field bus,which converts the monitored valve position and/or physical parameters etc. into electric signals(such as voltage and current) by sensors (such as posistion switches,inductive sensors,temperature,pressure,flow and hydraulic switches etc.),and then transforms the electric signals into digital which can be identified by computer and display then on PC in the form of digit,graph or curve.Besides,the application software in PC can carry out storage,analysis and operation over various valve position signals and an operator can perform accurate valve position control and diagnosis over remote controlled valves via PCmouse operation.
        APHE-ACHEM Valve Net System is a new valve monitor and control system developed by APHE-ACHEM Group based on AS-i bus network, integrated circuit,software and pneumatic control technology through 5-years meticulous development and officially launched to the world in 2010.APHE-ACHEM Valve Net System consists of the following four parts:

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